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More Crap I Don't Need

Last night around 10:30 PM I had the sliding glass door open in my studio as I worked, because it was hot and stuffy. The door faces the street, and I heard someone on my porch down below, trying to get my attention. It was an elderly gentleman with a slavic accent, and apparently my neighbor across the street had fallen taking her trash out, and he had found her in the street when he was driving home and couldn't get her up.

Karoshi-man, with his bum foot, couldn't help, of course, and Anal-man was on his death bed, so that left me: 5 feet tall with night blindness. After I made my way down our STEEP driveway, I found Judy sitting dazedly in the street, and the man and I managed to get her up. She had blood all down the front of her shirt and on her hands from what appeared to be a broken nose. She'd fallen on her face and knocked herself silly.

We got her inside her house, then the man left (his car was in the middle of the road, after all) and I tried to talk her into calling her daughter and going to the hospital, then after she said she'd be all right I left her with her very big and fat yellow Lab.

The garage lights remained on all night...

This morning I went across to check on her, but it looked like maybe some movement had been around the house, I THOUGHT the garage lights were off. The front gate was latched (I hadn't done that because I couldn't see it well enough.) The trash bins were still at the bottom of the drive.

As the sun went down, I noticed the lights were on in the garage, and now I wasn't sure the lights had been off at all. The house remained dark, and I started fretting. Finally I went back and knocked, getting no answer. Her next door neighbor was home, but she hadn't seen her, and we talked about maybe she'd gone to her daughter's -- calling her cell phone got no answer.

Okay, so I called the police for a "wellness check". They were actually pretty quick -- turns out the man who had been living with her back when we moved in in '09 and hadn't been seen in months was there, and I heard him tell the officer that she was at the hospital. It's a big relief -- I'd rather disturb him than be wrong and have her lying hurt or worse and not checked on.

But here's the thing: Judy didn't mention anyone but a daughter who lived nearby. Her next-door neighbor only mentioned the daughter. If I'd any idea that this guy was still living there (and he told the cops he was) I wouldn't have been so worried, thinking she was living alone.

All's well that ends well!

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