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Darkness --

Lights went out just before 4 PM, and didn't come back until just before 10:30 PM. So, the fans stopped -- and it was damned hot. I sat with candles and read my book, and wondered about the Zombie Apocalypse. Next door is a family that loves to party -- cries of "Toga! Toga!!" were overheard.

The Sister-Unit was late -- turns out she'd been recruited to work in the hotel's cafe, where they went above and beyond to see that their stranded guests were fed, only to find that when things get tough the general public thinks their "owed" something for their inconvenience. She was surprised to find that, despite the fact that the black-out was not the fault of the hotel, many of her customers felt they shouldn't have to pay for their meal, even though it was a lot of food for the money. She had several tables sneak out.

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