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Only one monster angrily screamed at a royal dead body.

Man, I'm pissed. The next door neighbors threw (another) party tonight -- lots of kids in their back yard. No problem. They like to party and BBQ, and that's fine, but lately their guests have been, well, uncouth trash.

A few weeks ago, one of them deliberately spilled what I suspect was animal fat between their retaining wall and our fence. The dogs went nuts, licking the fence and eating the dirt at the base of it. It was a huge distraction for days.

Tonight, the kids must have tossed (deliberately -- these were flung half the yard away from the fence) chicken bones into out yard. I took the dogs out unsuspecting, and the next thing I know they're on a treasure hunt! If you don't know, cooked chicken bones can splinter and puncture a dog's stomach (and other things.) Anyway, it's just trashy that someone would throw debris into someone else's yard. >:(
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