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Con Dregs

Well, CaliFur is officially over, but Anal-man is the art show/dealers' room guy, so we're over-seeing that particular breakdown. Art shows empty, waiting for the panels to be broken down, most of the dealers are cleared out, and the hotel is stripping and removing tables and chairs.

The room was more sold out than last year, and I think attendance was good. I made my financial goals and some, and complaining was way down. A success, by most standards. Don't know when we'll get on the road yet, but since I'm messing around on the computer thought I'd post.

dustmeat was there -- always good to see her -- and the awesome martes came down with Gallacci for the day. The usual pests were there, but not a pesky as they could be. Nice!

The sore throat I was nursing isn't quite so bad right now, so maybe it will go away entirely. We'll see...
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