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And When I Said Deagol, I Clearly Meant Teddy Bear...

The day after Deagol came to live with us, the Sister-Unit decided she preferred the name Teddy Bear, and it's definitely much more appropriate to our MaltiPoo's personality. So, to recap: a couple weeks ago, Sis-U's friend got her to adopt a ten month old dog that she had been caring for for several months. His name was Max, but since he didn't answer to it anyway and we'd just lost our cat Max a few months ago, he's Teddy Bear:
Teddy 5
After a solid clipping, here's what we found:
We also found a pair of very intact pink balls, so our new boy is at the Spay and Neuter Clinic. It's been a rough couple of weeks as he's pestered my Sugarfoot (who is spayed, but goes into faux heat and still produces estrogen) and picked fights with our neutered boy Boomer. Hopefully things will calm down now!

Smile, Ted!
Teddy Clip 1
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