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Meet Ming the Merciless!

Okay, first I have to say: Animals in need FIND me. It's a fact. Ming is the third pet bird I've rescued from a short life on the streets. The first was a Grey Cockatiel that belong to my neighbor, the second was Flash (Gordon) -- a Lilac-Crowned Amazon parrot that went unclaimed and I've had for 23 years now. Earlier this week I was relieving my little dogs in the back yard, picking up Sugarfoot's poop at the top of the sloping last quarter of my yard (it rises to a ridge in the back where the fence is.)

I was walking back to the safest point for me to walk back down and I saw a grey lump by the foot of the fence, little white face looking up to me. "Shit," I muttered, not wanting to alert my dogs, and I reached down ant picked up this weak White-Faced Cockatiel.

I put him into a holding tub -- where Flash usually sleeps at night -- gave him food and water, and left him to cool down and recover. An examination showed clipped wings, young male plumage, and possible feather-pulling by mockingbirds (who probably knocked him off the fence.) No wounds. We put out fliers, but have taken them down after no response over several days (because now the bird's welfare must be considered.)

So now this mean little shit has joined our little zoo. I'm hoping he'll respond to taming tactics, once we get him into a proper cage.
Ming 3

Ming 4
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