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Commission Slots Available For November

Now taking 10 commission slots for November. Getting a late start this month...

9x12 $100 or 11x14 $200. Badges $25. Copic markers on Bristol, minimal background, up to two characters (or plus a child/pet – other added characters extra. Just ask!) Free shipping in the US.

When I finish several commissions and go to solicit for the next batch of commissions, I like to post my finished commissions on FA and LJ. Please tell me if you’d rather I didn’t when you commission me – I don’t want to make any mistakes.

The month of October was mostly taken up with doing a wrap-around book cover that I can't share with you yet, until the book comes out. The pay was very little and it cut into my commission work, but I haven't published anything in a while and I need to rectify that. I apologize for the added slowness this caused.

1) Foxonian: Finished!
2) Doodles: Finished!
3) Werefox: Finished!
4) Tursi: Finished!
5) Saklani: Inking
6) Kymri: Penciling
7) Edmon: Plotting
8) Foxonian: Plotting
9) Jaspisfox: Plotting
10) Sesquin: Plotting

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