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World Con Part 1: Because I'm Lazy

Those who know me know I can't drive. It's not just a good idea, it's the law. I'm Legally Blind, and this causes all kinds of problems when trying to operate a moving vehicle. So, I'm forever a passenger. The Sister-Unit has a tiny Nissan sports car. I'm cramped in it on a good day, and I'm only 5'0" tall. So we stuff the silly thing to the gills with all our gear and the Scarlett Princess' vast medicine collection and head out for Anaheim, a little later than we planned (but that's how we operate!)

Hubby has downloaded a trip-tik from MapQuest, but it's a straight shot up 5 North. Simple. So, as soon as Sister-U has to follow instructions she immediately questions them and... Bingo! Lost!:) Me and the Scarlett Princess endure a running complaint on how the world (and especially Hubby) lives to fuck up my darling Sister-Unit. A call to Hubby, who awaits us at the Hilton, and we're finally back on track. More Later!

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