lordgloria (lordgloria) wrote,

Emergency Rent Sale!!!!!!!!!!

I've just been informed that the money I've collected to pay this month's rent has been stolen. I'm in total shock. We live so close to the edge these days with Glen out of work that any little stumble can sink us. So, panicking, I'm offering some of my beloved Dark Natasha originals for sale. I hate this, but I'd hate being evicted more!

Fur Affinity is down right now, so my LJ friends get first crack at them. I'll post a photo of the original with a copy of the print, which is more true to the actual colours than the photos. All are in excellent condition and framed.

BadgerWarrior Print
"Badger Warrior" print
"Badger Warrior" $250

FennecFun Print
"Fennec Fun" print
Fennec Fun" $700
LittleFennec Print
"Little Fennec" print
"Little Fennec" $300 (Update: Sold!)
PlayTime Print
"Play Time" print
"Play Time" $500

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