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Long Time, No Post

My therapist said it might be good for me to post, so basically this is going to have a lot of me complaining about the weird and upsetting couple of years I've been having. I'm just getting things off my chest.

In the fall of 2016 my brother-in-law, who lives with us, fell in the kitchen and broke his hip. As I've posted before, Karoshi-man has a rare form of diabetes commonly called Brittle Diabetes. This makes his bones more, well, brittle. Once in the hospital, he became very sick with an intestinal infection called Mersa.

While he was in the hospital for months, I was a shut-in. There was no back-up to feed and watch our various critters, just me. Normally I don't mind, except I had to cancel several activities with friends for months, which is not good for a person in my condition. Karoshi-man came home in November for about 24 hours, then fell in the kitchen again and broke his opposite leg (femur).

So back to the hospital he went. Meanwhile, my depression continued despite increased meds. To be continued...

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