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More World Con

Well, I'm feeling better, but I'm starting to lose the weekend... My retention isn't what it used to be, and really, it was never very good. Wednesday really didn't end up being much after Hubby left. We putzed around putting my art up in the art show, there was much cooing at the coolly indifferent Scarlett Princess, and some time was spent looking at the art that had been put up. James Gurney was the Artist Guest of Honour, so several of his original dinosaur art was on hand. Some even for sale, if I had a spare $3000 lying about. :)

Michael Whelan had space, but nothing hanging the first day. Heck, we could wait!

So the first day was travel up, getting the room, and seeing to the Scarlett Princess' needs. All meals would be power bars, PB &J, or fruit cups in the room. The top of the TV unit looked like a transplant patient's pharmacopia with all of the princess' meds and mine too.

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