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Back to the 21st Century -- Sorta

A few months ago, our microwave went on the fritz. It randomly refused to start until the door was slammed any number of times. It was a real pain.

The Sister-Unit loves to go to the local swap-meet when she gets a chance, and is a genius at finding nifty stuff she doesn't need. Well, last Sunday she struck gold. She came across a fellow who was moving, and just wanted to get rid of some stuff that he didn't want to take with him. One of them was a large white microwave that he claimed work just fine. He sold it to Sis for a buck, along with a fine looking toaster (also for $1).

The microwave works!! And it's more powerful than our Old-n-Busted one. And you can't beat the price.

Also, our dishwasher gave up the ghost at the first of the year. If there's one thing I hate, it's washing dishes by hand. I am pleased to say that we've finally been able to order a brand new washer! Should be here a week from today. I can't wait. ^_^

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