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Holiday Guest

A week ago Maggie's full sister Reyna came to stay with us while her human daddy J went to Mexico for his Christmas holiday. So, she's staying with us for a month. We had to re-erect the outside kennel (taken down after the weiners passed) for her to stay in. Fortunately she's an outdoor dog, as the total chaos of trying to integrate her with the home pack would be a nightmare.

Her dad brought her very large dog house to put in the kennel, and we added a thick old quilt for the inside. She has the same colouration as Maggie (black and cream, with a distinctive face mask, and a few white accents), but that's where the similarities end. Reyna is a bit bigger, and her coat is shorter and a bit coarser. Maggie's coat is longer, silkier, and she has a beautiful plumed tail.

Reyna is very sweet and well behaved, her water bowl is always clean, and her bag of food can be left in the kennel with her and she never messes with it. She's not a barker, and is rather submissive. She doesn't eat poop, while Maggie is an Olympic class poop eater. :P

I let her out a couple times a day to run and play with Maggie, while the others stay inside. We couldn't ask for a better guest. (Karoshi-man says J isn't going to get her back. We'll see about that.)

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