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Rehearsal? No, Thank You Very Much!

I survived the procedure! A technician had given Hubby the wrong information re: a rehearsal (meaning I would have had to gone through the week-long prep, including the nasty tasting bowel flusher.)

I had no trouble swallowing the camera (yeah), then I found out how much equipment I had to keep on me for the next twelve hours: a tricorder-like devise worn, well, tricorder-like. There was an extra tether around my neck and under my shirt, because the devise is hella expensive. Also attached to the tricorder was a belt, worn under my clothes against my skin. The belt tracked the camera, and unloaded the info to the tricorder (which had a flap through which you could actually see what the camera saw!)

The bad part was that I still wasn't allowed to eat -- I had to stay on the clear liquid diet -- for twelve hours more. *whine*

Now all I need is for the camera to exit my body -- hopefully before my MRI on Tuesday, since I can't have any metal in my body for the scan. Man, I've been having a lot of procedures over the past year, and they don't seem to be slowing down. I think my warrenty is up!

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