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What the Eff is Wrong With People?!

The Sister-Unit's hotel job (she's a banquet captain) went away with the settling in of Covid-19, so her employers gave her a mind-numbingly nothing job so they wouldn't have to pay back the bail out money they got from the government. She hates it, and it messes with her unemployment, but she wants to keep her job so, whatcha gonna do?

Anyway, her job is out behind the hotel on the beach, passing out water and towels, and wiping down chairs when guests moved on. She wears a mask (which she hates, it's hard for her to breathe in it), because she's terrified of catching the virus and bringing it home to us. People come up to her without masks and loom over her while she tries to keep the table between them, telling them she needs them to keep their distance.

So today, this oaf takes it as a challenge and tried to "hug it out" with her, causing her to flee to keep him from touching her. So many morons!!!!!!

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