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Upcoming Anniversary

On Nov. 11, 2020 it will be 400 years since my direct maternal ancestors dropped anchor off the coast of Cape Cod. I trace directly back to several passengers of the Mayflower, many of whom signed the Mayflower Compact:

Christopher Jones II, Captain of the Mayflower, my 10th great-grandfather (not a colonist)
Peter Browne, my 10th great-grandfather
Francis Cooke, my 11th great-grandfather
Stephen Hopkins, my 11th and 13th great-grandfather
Elizabeth Fisher Hopkins, my 11th great-grandmother
Constance Hopkins Snow, my 12th great-grandmother
Giles Hopkins, my 12th great-grandfather
William Brewster, my 12th great-grandfather
Mary Wentworth Brewster, my 13th great-grandmother

I've been trying to think of a way to mark the occasion, but the plague has put a crimp in the idea for any gatherings. *bleah*

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