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Boomer to the Doggy Dentist

So Boomer headed for the dentist today. At first glance it looks like he won't lose that many teeth (yeah!). The vet called before they got started to ask me about Boomer's current condition -- which is good for an 11 year old pup. It also gave me a chance to ask them about a lump he has had on his scrotal area for at least 3 years. The vet hadn't noticed it, so it was a good opportunity to ask.

The vet thinks it might be a mast tumour, and offered to remove it while Boomer was under for his teeth. While very tempting, we only have enough set aside to pay for his teeth, so we decide to just continue to watch it until we can afford to remove it. It isn't bothering him, he isn't chewing on it, so we're in a holding pattern.

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