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Bad Day Dawning

Today's gonna be fun. In Bizaaro World.

For most of the month Jaguar and Karoshi-man have been packing up and moving out the contents of K-man's room so that we can lay a new floor of Lifeproof planks. The side effects of K-man's condition have totally ruined the cheap-ass vinyl flooring we laid when we moved in 10 years ago.

For the last couple hours I've been holed up in the studio with the barking dogs while Jaguar, Sis-U and a pair of dear friends have finished moving the last of the stuff and the furniture out into the back yard. At least now I get to leave the door open, keep the dogs calm and take them out regularly while Jaguar and Sis-U lay the floor.

It'll be good to get this taken care of finally, though.

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