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What Th' Heck is Purple-Gold?

Mary Sue/Gary Stu... ICK!!!!

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Your favorite two colours name mixed together.
What type of music do you like out of these?
Do you know what a Mary Sue/Gary-Stu are?
Snog or no snog?
Your Mary Sue Master is....hbruton
They gave you the cute sidekick name of....Qtie Pie
Their gorgeous feature you wish you had....cat-like eyes of a purple-gold hue
The evil supervillan who betrayed you is....april_art
They did this because....they just felt like being evil
You and your Sue master defeat them by....sleeping with their lover... twice!
The cost of damage:$22,846,108
The chance of you living from that mortal wound:
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Today marks the 5th year of Remembrance of the second sucessful foreign terror attack on these shores since they passed Smallpox infected blankets to the unsuspecting Native Americans. We all remember where we were, and we all know where we are now.

May things be less hateful, smarmy, smirky, and patronizing the next time this day comes around. Shame on the political sound bites, the photo ops, and the empty words and half truths. God damn the lies. People died. People are dying.

I love my country. I hate what has been done to it by opportunists and bullies. And that's the truth.:P

As someone far more eloquent than I said, "Good night, and good luck."

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