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400 Years Ago Today: Nov. 11, 1620 – Ancestors of Florence Faith Kelley Smith

Mayflower Passengers we are directly descended from through Isaiah Francis and Mildred Florence Newell Kelley:

Christopher Jones II, Captain of the Mayflower, our 10th great-grandfather (not a colonist)
Peter Browne, our 10th great-grandfather
Lt. Joseph & Hannah Rogers, our 10th great-grandparents
Francis Cooke, our 11th great-grandfather
Stephen Hopkins, our 11th and 13th great-grandfather
Elizabeth Fisher Hopkins, our 11th great-grandmother
Thomas Rogers I, our 11th great-grandfather
Constance Hopkins Snow, our 12th great-grandmother
Giles Hopkins, our 12th great-grandfather
William Brewster, our 12th great-grandfather
John Howland, our 12th great-grandfather
Elizabeth Tilley Howland, our 12th great-grandmother
Mary Wentworth Brewster, our 13th great-grandmother

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