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Plagues are Fun!

So, my sister gets very little work these days: She's a Banquet Captain at a local hotel, so there you go. If she's lucky, she gets one, maybe two, parties a week. Last night she had a wedding...

No one was wearing a mask, except the Sister-Unit. She was also wearing gloves. The party went on too long, Sis had to practically carry the drunk bride to the john, and one of the guests laughed in her face (not maliciously, but he was laughing and turned into her as she was serving.)

She came home in a highly nervous state, because Karoshi-man and I are at high risk of dying if we catch Covid-19. Should she self isolate in her room for 2 weeks? What did we think?

Well, except for the trip to the john with the bride, the party was outside. Sis was wearing her mask, gloves, and eyeglasses. We decided to risk it, so now we wait. I'll ask her to take a test in a day or so.

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