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Ah, My Feet

Went to see a podiatrist Wednesday about my continuous problem with my feet, hoping that my insurance will actually cover a relief, whatever the Doc prescribes. My feet have been a problem for at least 5 years, with pain in my toes and the balls of my feet. Plus, now there's now a bunion, and a persistent toe fungus. (Sigh. My feet are small and neat, and used to be very pretty. What a long ruff road it's been...)

I barely turned my foot to show the Doc my problem when she yelped, "Wow, you've got very little padding on the balls of your feet!" She then named the condition, which was Metatarsalgia. She gave me some foam inserts that won't fit in my current shoes, and is going to recommend some custom shoes that she thinks my insurance will pay for. I hope so. The last foot doc recommended some custom insoles that cost $400, to which my insurance said "no."

We'll see.

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