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Padres Rock!

When my baseball team is bad, they can be very, very bad. But when they're On there's no team better. They were the National League West Champions last year. They've been to the World Series twice. No easy feat unless you've got obscene Yankee cash to toss around.

Last night they took on the NY Mets, who are currently at the top of the National League East. The Padres were last in the National League West. Mets: batting around .700. Padres: around .425.

Still, we led for 8 innings at 2-1, only to have the bullpen throw it away. Mets won 7-2.

Tonight was different. In the 5th inning the game tied at 1-1 and stayed that way for 14 INNINGS! Man, I'm beat! Thank god we won. Hate extra innings when we loose. *raspberry*

Padres win: 2-1. And the Arizona Diamondbacks can have our last place slot. Hmph.

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