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Oops, She Did it Again!

Gypsy is well on her way to being a serial rodent killer! Late last night I was taking the dogs out for their final go before bed, and Gypsy was in her kennel -- there's a flat wooden pallet in there, and rodents sometimes shelter underneath it. Gypsy insisted that there was something under it. Wanting to get the dogs inside before the idiots down the street shot off more fire crackers, I told Gypsy, "Be ready" and I lifted the pallet.

There are three escape routes once the pallet is up, and rats, mice and lizards have always used the one closest to the wire and escape. This time, however, the young rat ran straight at Gypsy -- who jumped on him like white on rice! She caught him and bit until he stopped moving, then walked away like the professional killer she's become.

No picture this time -- I got the pack in, then disposed of the rat. A job well done.

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