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Do you party often?
Prefered field of study
You get your way in class b/c you are a
Always partying and always drunkmlewys
Person whose whole wardrobe consists of togastikkeni
Honors student with a bad repapril_art
Sorority girl voided_space
Sorority pledge who streaks across campusdhstein
Your dorm buddyyrgoddess
Gets wasted at a party and makes out w/ youwinter_elf
Number of the above people that actually graduate7
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    Thought you might like to meet DE Tabasco, my extreme custom Silver by Karen Dunahee. He's kinda awesome, I think. ^_^

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  • Oops, She Did it Again!

    Gypsy is well on her way to being a serial rodent killer! Late last night I was taking the dogs out for their final go before bed, and Gypsy was in…

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