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Hell's Bells!!!! It's Trevor Time!!!

When one thinks (if one does) of Major League baseball, it's unlikely that the Padres are the first team you think of. Unless you're me. Good, bad or mediocre, they've been my team and only true sport obsession for almost 10 years. No band wagon jumping for me. Loyalty counts.

This has been one wild ride this year, especially in the Padres division: the National League West. The top spot has changed hands more times than I can keep track. The Padres have been at the top at least four times, and at the bottom at least once. They're at the top again, a game and a half over their immediate rivals the Dodgers. Heck, by the time I post this, it may be two and a half. (They're tied in the 9th with the Diamondbacks.) There's not much season left!

This is Trevor Hoffman. Reason to watch the Padres #1. There are more, but this is his day:

He is the Padres Save Pitcher. That means in the 9th inning, when the Padres are up by no more than 3 runs, he comes in to pitch and make sure the other team gets no more runs. Or at least no more than we have.

Today, to the raucus sound of Hell's Bells, he saved his 479th game, all but about three in a Padres uniform. This makes him the all time saves leader in MLB history. The guy he just passed, Lee Smith, saved 478 in over 1,000 games. Trevor passed him in a bit over 800.

Go, Trevor! Go, Padres!

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