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Careful, Kids!

So many people lie to kids on the internet... I don't, especially when I play in their areas. I have an account on Gaia. It's a fun little (huge) community, rather anime based, and you get a character to design. You can buy and sell clothes and objects. There are all kinds of forums and guilds for art and role-play (though with kids, it's mostly semi-literate.)

There are also games your little icon can play, like one where you travel through various "neighborhoods" picking up trash, flowers, bugs and gold that can be exchanged at the various Gaia stores. Your icon can also interact with other icons walking around, and here's where stuff gets weird.

I usually avoid other icons. I'm just there to pick up stuff. It's fun to do when nothing else is working in the "real world." Today my Lord Gloria icon was followed about by the cutest little Afro-American icon in dreads named Saint Bone. St. Bone asked me how old I was. Since there's a lot of trolling for cyber-sex, I honestly said "Adult."

"How old?" he insisted.

"48! LOL!"

"Je ryght," said the precocious St. Bone.

Kids, when someone tells you they are an adult, believe them. Most kids won't claim to be over 40 just to get a laugh. The internet is full of lies -- trust no one. I've just contradicted myself, of course, but poor old Lord Gloria was approached by two girl icons named Cutey-Pie and Sweetie-Pie who also asked my age.

"WOW," said Cutey-Pie. "I'm 13."

"You're old," affirmed Sweetie-Pie. "I'm 12."

And I believe them. So would any icon run by a 50 year old man claiming to be a 16 year old. At least they liked the way Lord Gloria was dressed!

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