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Did You See HEROES Last Night?

Our friend Tadao Tomomatsu (aka "Mr. Shake Hands Man" from the short lived but brilliant Bonsai TV) was the police detective who interpreted for poor Hiro in NY! You loved his dry performance, admit it!!

A lot different from his Mr. Shake Hands Man persona -- Hee. In those skits he would portray himself as a reporter, approach an unsuspecting celebrity (like Bill Murray, or Angelina Jolie) and ask them a question in broken english while grasping and enthusiastically pumping their hand.

Two things: Tadao speaks perfect english but says nothing after the initial question. And Mr. Shake Hands Man doesn't release the hand he's grasped. So here is the poor celebrity, trying to answer Tadao's question while he is smiling like a retarded fool and shaking their hand up and down. They'll stop and wait for another question, but nothing changes.

Bill Murray finally pried his hand loose. Billy Bob Thornton is looking to make Tadao squeal like a pig. (Or he was, before the Brangelina thing...)

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