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Fourth Time The Charm!

This is my oldest younger brother Zonker with his fourth (and hopefully last) wife Vickie. They just got married hippy-style in August. I haven't met her yet, but Zonk's giddy about her and that's good enough for me. He's looking so much better -- I can't help but think I have Vickie to thank!

His history with women has been... colourful, to say the least: the first was a psycho (really! She has a severe personality disorder), the second turned out to be gay, and the third came with 5 kids and a plan to bleed him dry.

Vickie is a match from, I think, eHarmony.com. Damn! I guess that stuff really works, because Zonker's whole outlook on life has brightened. Welcome to the family, Vickie! As my dad once warned my hubby-to-be: "I hope you know what you're getting into." :)

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