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Snakes Can Be Tricky...

We almost lost Kaa today. And not in the way that ends you up on an episode of Cops: San Diego. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Here at Casa Wolfgang, we have 4 small dogs, 3 indoor cats, 1 outdoor cat, 1 Lilac Crowned Amazon Parrot... and 1 nine-foot Columbian Red Boa Constrictor named Kaa. (Not to mention the flock of 15-20 Mexican Redheaded Parrots, 2-3 stray cats, ravens, crows, rats, 2 falcons, 1 -- at least -- coyote, and a young 'possum we'll call Teddy that hang out.)

Kaa lives outside in a sheltered terrarium with a large heat lamp, and in San Diego that would normally be sufficiant even in winter. Not the Ritz, mind you, but not too bad. Except that last night was verrrrry cold. Much colder than we sun worshippers expected.

I came out this morning with my 3 mini-doxies (Bon-Bon, Spike & Drusilla) to the upsetting sight of what could only be A Very Dead Snake. His body was still coiled under the heat lamp, but his head was lolling at the bottom of his habitat, jaws agape. *yikes* To make a long story a little shorter (and happier), Kaa was not dead as feared, just in a very deep hibernation (which doesn't mean he could have survived much longer, though.)

He's now in a cage under an electric blanket and looks world's better. Poor big goof. It looks like he'll pull through, but I partially blame Global Warming. (That and Karoshi-man needs to get him a Hot Rock like we wanted him to.) Kaa will be spending the rest of the winter inside, I think.

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