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If I Had to List Only 10 (and They Couldn't Say No...)

List ten fictional people you would have sex with:

1. Dr. Gregory House, mainly out of curiosity and with no expectations.
2. Capt. James T. Kirk, because... Duh!
3. Spike, but only with the chip in his head (or his soul.)
4. Methos, at an undisclosed location.
5. Jack Sparrow, after steam-cleaning and delousing.
6. Duncan MacLeod, on holy ground (that guy is ALWAYS getting interrupted!)
7. Will Turner. (Yum!)
8. Aragorn, with the same exception as #5.
9. Han Solo. (Who doesn't love scoundrels?)
10. Xena. =)

I tag hbruton, winter_elf, and dstein.

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